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No more late nights, reconciliation and toil with Excel sheets. We provide an easy and secure platform for your production teams. Start real time budgeting with GoPlany.


Take control over your budget plan

Time wheel

Save time. Go, plan & produce.

With our tool you will be in control - once and for all. GoPlany will help you to see the consequences of any change or addition to your project and for you to take appropriate action. Save time that can be spent on value-creating analysis, drive planning, and supporting your projects.

Friends saying hello.

Your best friend in every project.

Our cloud-based platform is user friendly, easy to access and allows for team-interactions. Using our platform will give you more time to add more value into each production.

Thinking and working.

Customize your budgets.

Use our standard templates for film and stills or create your own standard budget for your unique projects. Manage your budget outcome or variance in realtime.

Why GoPlany

Stay on top of your budgets and take decisions based on real time metrics and variances. We provide an easy to use and secure interface with collaboration features for your production teams. GoPlany helps you feel safe in making better and faster decisions.

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Dashboard for analyze projects

Revenue dashboards

Visualize and overview on all your ongoing productions and productions in your pipeline. With GoPlany you are always on top of your game, whenever, wherever. Follow your profit from quote to wrap.

Invite your team

Share your productions with your team. Collaborate on budget templates in real time. Our versatile plattform allows team-sharing and will get you in the drivers seat of all your ongoing productions. Delegate without losing control.

Share projects

Awesome features

Designed specifically for producers needs.

Real time budgets

Real time budgets

share and invite crew

Share & invite

Customize your budgets

Overview revenue & profits

Overview revenue & profits

Customize your budgets

Standard templates

Secure workplace

Secure workplace

Standard templates

Want to be in the drivers seat and take control?

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