Meet GoPlany

We are developing GoPlany that will empower film producers and production managers to make more useful contributions to whatever production they are working on. To finally have a system that you can use for all aspects of production management, giving peace of mind and profitability at the same time.

Although the industry has seen great progress in digitalizing filming, editing, etc. little or no progress has been made in planning and administration, where most practices are still analogue.
Well, we are going to change that.

Eva Båge
Co-founder and CEO
Cristian Engström
Co-founder and CTO
Igor Ryadinskii
Full stack developer
Ian Holmér
Business, Sales & Marketing intern

During my 16 years as a film and stills producer, I have worked on refining and improving the process of film production by incorporating the structure of budgets and templates that I have developed throughout these years.

My budget template has spread organically, often re-used by other freelance producers and other film companies. Several production companies also bought a special customized designed budget template adapted to their needs.
Today the template is used by production companies as FLX, Bacon, B-Reel, Naive, Acne, Socialclub, among others.
(A selection of productions and production companies i used to work with below.)

Now we are developing a 2.0 digital solution.

Eva Båge