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1. Steps and guide to register.

1. Fill out the register form and enter a password. It is important that you enter a correct email address.

2. When you have registered correctly, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.

Open the email and click on the link in the email. If you do not find the email in your inbox, it could have been sent to your spam. Please check there. Get in touch with us otherwise at

3. When you have clicked on the link, a new web window will open to confirm that your account is verified. Click on Login here. You log in with your email and your password you chose when registering.

4. The first thing you need to enter after logging in is to enter your company name and choose which currency you will calculate your budgets in primarily. If your company is registered in Sweden, you must choose SEK.

5. You are now set to go!

2. The first thing to do after you have created an account

It is important to also fill in some information about your business under SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT SETTINGS. This information will be on bidding budgets that you print and send to clients. It is also useful fill out your organization number and VAT number for your tax reports under SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > TAXES. See turoial below.

The person who register an account with Goplany will automatically get the permission ADMIN. An ADMIN will need to have authority to sign up and enter credit card information about the organization he/she is working in. Depending on what plan you chose to sign up with you may invite others to your plan and permit more users with permission to ADMIN.

3. How much does it cost to subscribe to GoPlany?

GoPlany is free for Freelancing producers. Where you can create and produce 1 project for free. Do you need to share or invite a second user to your account you can easily upgrade your account.

GoPlany always offer a 30 days free trial. You will not be asked to fill in your credit card information until your 30 day free trial is over, unless you would like to sign up before your trial is due.

The price of a subscription with GoPlany vary between 305 SEK up to 599 SEK per user (excluding VAT), depending on how many users you include in your plan and if you choose to pay monthly or yearly. The best deal for you is to sign up yearly, where you receive up to 15% discount depending on your plan. Learn more about our prices on our Pricing page

4. How do I create a new project?

Under the list of MY PROJECTS you click on ADD PROJECT. Fill in the fields required and if it is you first time using GoPlany you also will need to create a new client and director that you have for this project. To create a new client/director you click on ADD NEW CLIENT/ADD NEW DIRECTOR to the right and fill in the required fields.Save. 


You will be redirected to PROJECT SETTINGS where you can fill in all the necessary information regarding your project. If you do not want to fill in this information at this stage or need to change information you can always go back and change or add this information later. 


Once a project is created, you can then create budgets for this project. At any time you can click on the button PROJECT SETTINGS to go back and fill in information. See tutorial below.

5. How do I create a new budget?

Select the project for which you would like to create a budget. Click on + CREATE NEW BUDGET button on the right of the screen. Fill in the information boxes to name the budget and then click on create. You will then be redirected to the Topsheet for your new budget. Click on a category to begin adding your estimates in each line. The total cost of you budget will appear on the bottom of the screen on Topsheet. See tutorial below.

6. Do invited members (users) need to create an account?

When an ADMIN-user invites a member (user or seat) he/she will receive an invitation email to be able to register. The invited member will after registration be able to access GoPlany with the assigned permission the ADMIN-user has awarded to them. When the invited users or seat sign in, he/she need to choose the Organization he/she would like to access.
A user or a seat member can be invited to several organizations and switch between them if needed.

7. What is the differens between USER and SEAT?

A USER is included in your paid plan. A user within your plan has permission to create, edit and share your projects and budgets. You can give the following permissions to a user:
A SEAT is free to all plans. You can have unlimited SEATS in all plans. But you can only give the following permissions to a seat:

8. I have forgotten my password. How can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you change it under SETTINGS > YOUR PREFERENCES. You will then beguided how to change your password.

9. How do I change the order on topsheet in my budget?

It is very easy to change your order or sorting of your categories on your topsheet. You just drag and drop where you would like to place your category.

See tutorial below.

10. How to create and export reports of your projects and budgets

In the navigation bar you find the "export" button. Click on that and you can choose to create and export reports of your Draft budgets, active working budgets or your actual budgets.

Choose reports sorted of you projects, directors or clients or choose all.

For a tutorial look at the film.

11. In what currencies can I calculate my budgets?

When you open your account you choose the currency your organization is based. We offer all currencies.
Your organizations currency will be your base currency. But you can always add a comparative currency if you have a client that need to see another currency than the one you have in your country.

12. Where can I change the production fee (markup), insurance fee and currency?

Under SETTINGS > GLOBAL SETTINGS you can edit your default values for Production fee, insurance and currency. If you need to change the values of an individual budget: click on the icon placed on the right in the heading box on Topsheet. See tutorial below.

13. How do I change my subscription status?

You can change your subscriptionstatus in SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > SUBSCRIPTIONS & USERS. Here you canmanage your subscription plan and permission status of each member in yourorganization. See tutorial below.

14. How do I select a new company owner?

If the person that has “owner status” on the account no longer will work in the organization you will need to change owner. Select a new company owner under SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > COMPANY OWNER. Only users with admin permission can be selected as the company owner. 

15. How do I change the name of a category or subcategory on my Topsheet?

To change the name of a category or subcategory in one of your budgets, click on a category on your Topsheet and then click on the name of the category or subcategory to rename it. See tutorial below.

16. How do I add and delete categories and subcategories on my Topsheet?

To add a category to your Topsheet, simply scroll down to the bottom of the Topsheet and click on the button CREATE NEW CATEGORY. To delete a category, click on a category on your Topsheet and click DELETE THIS CATEGORY. A warning pop-up window will appear to make sure you do not delete the category by mistake. See tutorial below.

To add a subcategory to one of your categories, click on a category on your Topsheet and click on CREATE NEW SUBCATEGORY on the top bar. If you wish to delete a subcategory, simply click on the red garbage can symbol in the top right corner of the subcategory. See tutorial below.

17. How do I add and delete rows to a subcategory?

To add a row to a subcategory in one of your budgets, start by clicking on a category on your Topsheet. Under each subcategory, there is a green button on the bottom right corner that says ADD ROW. Click on that button and a new row will appear in your subcategory. 


To delete a row in a subcategory in one of your budgets, simply mark the box to the right of the row you wish to delete and then click on the red garbage can above it. The row will now disappear. See tutorial below.

18. How do I change the order of the rows in my subcategories?

It is very easy to change the order of the rows in a subcategory in your budget. You just drag and drop the row where you would like to place it. See tutorial below.

19. How do I change the status of my projects?

There are four different levels of status for your projects depending on the phase of your production:

DRAFT – Here you make all your budget estimates and quotes to your client. And will be here until your budget will be approved by your client the production is awarded.

ACTIVE – your project has been awarded by the client and a Working Budget and Actual budget is created.

WRAPPED – your project is finished, and all your costs have been registered. And you want to close your project and lock it.

CANCELED – your project was not awarded.


Change from DRAFT to ACTIVE:

Start by clicking on the project you wish to make active and then select the budget that was awarded by the client under BUDGET PROPOSALS. Click on the three dots in the column under ACTIONS and then click on CHANGE STATUS. Change the status from DRAFT to ACTIVE using the drop-down function and then enter the production number. Finish the process by clicking UPDATE. Your project is now active, and a working and actual budget is automatically created. See tutorial below.


Change from ACTIVE to WRAPPED:

To make an active project wrapped,you simply click on the three dots under the ACTION column in the MY PROJECTS tab. Click on WRAP PROJECT and then OK to finish the process. See tutorial below.


Change from DRAFT to CANCELED:

To cancel a project in DRAFT, you click on the three dots under the ACTION column in the MY PROJECTS tab. Click on CANCEL PROJECT and then OK to finish the process. See tutorial below.

20. How do I add/edit a new client?

To add a new client to your list, simply click on CLIENT > ADD NEW CLIENT and fill in the information. If you wish to edit the information, just click on the EDIT button to the right of the page. You can also add a client while you are creating a new project. See tutorial below.

21. How do I add/edit a new director?

To add a new director to your rooster, simply click on DIRECTORS > ADD NEW DIRECTOR and fill in the information. If you wish to edit the information, just click on the EDIT button to the right of the page. You can also add a director while you are creating a new project. See tutorial below.

22. How do I create a new template?

In GoPlany you can design your templates and save your own budgets as templates for future projects.

It is possible to create new and edit old templates at any time in your budget process. To add a new template, simply click on MANAGE TEMPLATES > ADD TEMPLATE. You need to choose another template to start from and edit. Name your new template by filling in the information in the boxes. Finalize the process by clicking on CREATE NEW TEMPLATE. If you wish to edit an old template, click on the green edit symbol on the right side of the screen. You can then add/delete/edit categories, subcategories, and rows. If you add/delete/edit something in a template, it will be saved automatically. See tutorial below.

23. How do I invite members to my account?

Only an ADMIN can invite other user or seat members to you organization.

You invite members (USERS or SEATS)under Organization settings.
You can find "Settings" at the top of the navigation bar of GoPlany.
Here you invite the user by adding their mail address. And give them the right Permission. There are 5 different permissions:

USERS included in your paid plan are permitted to:

ADMIN - The user havefull access to organization settings, payments etc. Good to have at least 2ADMIN users in a bigger organization.
 - The user can read and write all projects within the organization. Meaning the user can create new projects and budgets and change already created projects and budgets.
READ/WRITE SHARED - The user can only read and write the projects awarded to them. Meaning; the user can NOT create new projects, but he/she can create a new budget within the project he/she has been invited to.


SEATS are unlimited in all plansand can have 2 different permits:

READ ALL - The user can read all projects within the organization but can not change anything.
READ SHARED - The user can read only the projects they are invited to.

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