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What is the differens between USER and SEAT?

A USER is included in your paid plan. A user within your plan has permission to create, edit and share your projects and budgets. You can give the following permissions to a user:
A SEAT is free to all plans. You can have unlimited SEATS in all plans. But you can only givet the following permissions to a seat:

How much does it cost to subscribe to GoPlany?

GoPlany always offer a 30 days free trial. You will not be asked to fill in your credit card information until your 30 day free trial is over, unless you would like to sign up before your trial is due.

The price of a subscription with GoPlany vary between 305 SEK up to 599 SEK per user, depending on how many users you include in your plan and if you choose to pay monthly or yearly. The best deal for you is to sign up yearly, where you receive up to 15% discount depending on your plan.

In what currencies can I calculate my budgets?

When you open your account you choose the currency your organization is based. We offer all currencies.
Your organizations currency will be your base currency. But you can always add a comparative currency if you have a client that need to see another currency than the one you have in your country.

What should I think about when I register?

The person who register an account with Goplany will automatically get the permission ADMIN. An ADMIN will need to have authority to sign up and enter credit card information about the organization he/she is working in. Depending on what plan you chose to sign up with you may invite others to your plan and permit more users with permission to ADMIN.

Steps and guide to register.

1. Fill out the register form and enter a password. It is important that you enter a correct email address.

2. When you have registered correctly, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.

Open the email and click on the link in the email. If you do not find the email in your inbox, it could have been sent to your spam. Please check there. Get in touch with us otherwise.

3. When you have clicked on the link, a new web window will open to confirm that your account is verified. Click on Login here. You log in with your email and your password you chose when registering.

4. The first thing you need to enter after logging in is to enter your company name and choose which currency you will calculate your budgets in primarily. If your company is registered in Sweden, you must choose SEK.

5. You are now set to go!

How can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you click on "Forgot Password?" under the login button. Where you will be guided on how to create a new password.

How do I start a new project?

When you have finished with you registration you will enter to our welcome page. Here you can chose to click on "create a new project" and start right away with any project you have in your pipeline.

Fill in the fields required and if it is you first time using GoPlany you also will need to create the Client/Agency that you have for this project. To create a new Client/Agency you click on the + sign next to the titel "client/agency" and fill in the required fields. Save.

When that is done you can choose to "SAVE AND START A NEW BID" (if you are in a hurry) or click "SAVE AND GO TO PROJECT SETTINGS". Here you fill in all information for your project. this information is used when printing quotes to your Client/Agency.

You can always go back to "project settings" later in your process.

How do I invite members to our account?

Only an ADMIN can invite other user or seat members to you organization.

You invite members (company users) under Organization settings.
You can find "Settings" in the top of the navigation bar of GoPlany.
Scroll down to "company settings" and you click on the + sign to add a user.
Here you invite the user by adding their mail address. And give them the right Permission. There are 4 different permissions:

Users included in your paid plan are permitted to:

ADMIN - The user have full access to organisation settings, payments etc. Good to have 2 ADMIN users in a bigger organisation. And good to give ADMIN authority to someone when the person who has ADMIN is about to leave the organisation.
- The user can read and write all projects within the organization. Meaning the user can create new projects and budgets and change already created projects and budgets.
READ/WRITE SHARED - The user can only read and write the projects awarded to them. Meaning the user can NOT create new projects, but he/she can create a new budget within the project he/she has been invited to.

Seats included in your plan are limited:

READ ALL - The user can read all projects within the organisation but can not change anything.
READ SHARED - The user can read only the projects invited to.

Do members need to create an account?

When an ADMIN user invites a member/company user he/she will receive an invitation email to be able to register. The invited member will after registration be able to access GoPlany in with the assigned permission the ADMIN has awarded to you. When the invited users or seat sign in he/she need to choose what Organization he/she would like to access.
A user or a seat member can be invited to several organizations and switch between them if needed.

How do I change the order on topsheet in my budget?

It is very easy to change your order or sorting on your topsheet. You just drag and drop where you would like to place your category.

Look at the film to se exactly how it works.

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